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J&V Solutions A Full Service Networking (FSN) proactively manages your IT function, so technology works for you to support your success. We make sure you can concentrate on what you do best, running your organization. FSN takes all the responsibility for your network, making sure it is working 24/7/365 days a year, relieving you of the headaches of system downtime. To back up what we say, we guarantee uptime performance for our hosted network infrastructure.

J&V Solutions Any Networks preventive maintenance helps to avoid future issues, support website enable you to quickly research and resolve issues. ExtremeWorks Maintenance and Support provides you with the security of knowing that you have access to expertise and support when the unexpected occurs.

We design, build and operate IT systems and IT services for large scale clients in both the public and private sectors. We have a team of IT professionals from across the nation and around the globe. Our reach allows us to staff virtually any IT project in any location at any time. Our consultancy services are aimed at providing businesses with an indication of how RRG would be able to assist with their business initiative.

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Data Management & Application Development

Director :Mr. Vikas Juneja
Mobile No : +91-99770-65117
E-mail: vickyraj12@gmail.com
Address :Thana Road Harda